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The Geographic Society of Chicago is proud to offer a unique mapping service — and educational experiences. By utilizing the power of maps and the integrative tools of GIS (geographic information systems), we can solve environmental and community issues and train others in this effort as well. While out in the field, we use hand-held GPS units to collect primary data. We then produce professional maps based on the data we have found. The data we collect is fed into ArcGIS -- the nation's premier geographic information system software. Our GPS data collection units and GIS software have enabled us to monitor a variety of environmental concerns, including the growth of invasive species as well as the restoration and protection of endangered areas along the Lake Michigan shore.

Because one of our missions is to promote the study of geography, we are also actively involving student groups in these efforts. Using geospatial technology to solve real-world problems, students learn the power of maps and skills essential in the 21st century.



This work has been possible because of the expertise of three Board Members of the Geographic Society of Chicago.

  • Andrew Bieber, geographer at ESRI, the leading GIS company in the world, has been instrumental in helping us take a leadership role in designing and developing prototypes. He has opened doors by securing significant grants from ESRI and has provided a specialistʼs expertise on our projects every step of the way. (We thank you, ESRI, for your continued support.)
  • Steve Jansen, geographer and educator, has been a visionary. With imaginative problem-solving, he has created essential bridges between field work, community service, and student populations.
  • Judy Bock, retired teacher, geography professor and GIS trainer, has contributed her knowledge of geography and geospatial technology to the projects. Her experience with students and teachers in the classroom help us maintain educational interest and integrity.

If you are interested in participating in these types of projects, please contact us:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The GSC offers the following services:

  • Full data collection, analysis, and mapping
  • Rental of our GPS data collection units, plus training for clients
  • Student instruction in the use of our system
  • Geocaching exercises for groups such as scouts and after-school and summer campers


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