Wednesday News and Links

Today a stream of urban development and sociology links…

“cut it in half, and you’ve basically got the El”

  • Wired Magazine reiterated, perhaps more concisely, the same findings.
  • Wired Magazine also highlighted a fascinating study in which slime mold was used to recreate the highways of the Iberian Peninsula using oat flakes to represent major cities.  “[These] experiments are steps toward refining Physarum (slime mold) as a problem-solving tool, cheaper than computers … Among the arcane mathematical challenges solved in Physarum protoplasm are plane tessellations, hierarchical planar proximity graphs, logical computing, process algebra and shortest-path problems.”
  • Finally, a recent article in the New York Times points to the growing disparity in education level in urban centers as a significant organizing principle for recent college graduates.  College-educated young people tend to flock together, which is most often where good jobs are, and former manufacturing hubs like Dayton, Ohio are losing out on this important demographic, which does not bode well for their future.