Great Moments in Geographic Illiteracy, Part 4

Bullfrogs in the USAWe’ll take it easy on this one since it’s from a kid’s book… but I can’t stop laughing at how poorly the Great Lakes region is depicted on this map.  Also, the fact that it looks like giant smirking frogs are taking over the country doesn’t hurt either.

“I am snow and I landed in America” — Kids Explain the Water Cycle


One of the the main focuses of the Geographic Society of Chicago is the promotion of geography education among elementary and middle school children, since such education is so woefully lacking in their public school curricula.  This education manifests in a variety of forms from after-school programs to summer camps and special GeoSphere events.  One of the central concepts we try to teach younger students is an understanding of the water cycle and its itinerant parts: condensation, precipitation, runoff, and evaporation.  Often we do this by asking the kids to personify themselves as a water molecule and describe their journey in images and words.  This summer we had an especially creative group of students and the responses they generated were among the most fun and imaginative we’ve seen.  We thought we’d share them with you below…


I am a water molecule.  I was floating in the air when I fell in the Pacific Ocean.  I fell in a whale’s hole and the whale burst and I came back out the whale’s hole and I fell in America.  To be continued.

by Shamarea

"the whale burst"

“the well (whale) burst”


Oh my gosh!!  I’m in the Mississippi River!!!  I’m being sucked up by the clouds.  Oh this must sound silly because I haven’t told you I’m a water molecule.  Why do I feel like I’m falling?  Oh my gosh I am falling! and I’m back in the Mississippi River.  Here we go again.

by Xani

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Border Irregularities Between the United States and Canada


Awesome.  Well done, CGP Grey!  For more border anomalies, check out Part 1 of this two-part series.