December Travelogue invites you to explore Holiday Time in Chicago

Macy’s window, Chicago, IL, 2012. Photo credit: Judith K. Bock.

The holidays in December and January are special times for celebrations and sharing time with family and friends. Many of our ethnic and religious customs transcend cultural boundaries and have become annual events, creating a magical time of year in Chicago.

Presenter Judy Bock will offer a look at the origins of some of our holiday traditions and how Chicagoans celebrate them today.
Join us as we celebrate the season – Chicago Style!
Refreshments will be served.
1 p.m.
Tuesday, December 20
Chicago Cultural Center, Renaissance Court, 78 E. Washington Street

Use Randolph Street Entrance. There is no cost for attending the presentation.

Tuesday News and Links


  • Join us and the DePaul Geography Department on Friday, October 25, 2013 from 5:30- 7:30 at the DePaul University Student Center (2250 N Sheffield, Room 220), as we screen The Illinois Geographical Society’s documentary “Remembering Jewish Lawndale.” This documentary is the first in the Giants of Geography Series which feature prominent Illinois Geographers of today. The film highlights Dr. Irving Cutler – former Geography Chair at Chicago State University – and his work with Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood and its Jewish past. After the screening, we will have a Question and Answer session with Dr. Cutler and the producers of the documentary. Refreshments will be provided. GSC Members, DePaul students, Facility, staff: FREE. Non GSC Members: $10 at the door.
  • 40 Maps that Explain the World. Great if you have an hour or two (or three) to kill.
  • Check out these amazing photos of Saturn’s insane hexagonal hurricane.
  • And finally… 13 Picture of Goats on Cliffs.

Quote from last week’s New York Times Magazine Cover Story on Chicago’s Housing Crisis

“We’re not like Detroit, cordoning off sections of the city,” Benet Haller, Chicago’s principal adviser for planning and design, told me. “But we are like London or Jakarta, with a hyperdense core — a zone of affluence — and something else beyond.” What the housing crisis has revealed, in stark relief, is a Chicago that already looks increasingly like this vision of a ring city, with the moneyed elite residing within the glow of that jewel-like core and the largely ethnic poor and working-class relegated to the peripheries, the banlieues.

…which is an observation that was previously illustrated and elucidated on this blog.

Read the full article on the New York Times website.

Monday News and Links


  • The above picture is courtesy of Earth Science Picture of the Day and it documents the phenomenal “ice balls” that accumulate on Lake Michigan’s shores when weather and water conditions are just right.  Be sure to read their description in the link, it’s fascinating.
  • Here’s another spectacular Lake Michigan photo from the same site.
  • If you want to learn more about soil then you ever thought there was to know, check out this Michigan State University site detailing the soils of the Great Lakes region.  Who would have thought the taxonomy of soil would be so strangely named… Incepticols, Udalfs, Psamments, Glossaqualfs??  (Sounds like warring tribes in a Dune novel.)
  • Last week Slate highlighted this curious map of Whole Foods and Wal-Mart locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, illustrating what one would assume is the stark economic disparity between the San Francisco Peninsula and the East Bay.
  • LBx Journal (“location in the language of business”) has a special section in their Winter 2013 issue devoted to women in the location industry.  Of the 18 women profiled, two are our very own: Celeste Fraser and Jillian Elder.  Nice work!