Great Moments in Geographic Illiteracy, Part 6

The following picture and caption was sent in by Brooklyn-based poet, Sarah Jean Alexander:

Bad Maryland Map

I found this photo at Postmark Cafe in Park Slope [Brooklyn]. I thought it was funny how they seem to completely disregard the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up in a town right on the bay, about a hundred miles north of the most northern tip of where the map’s Chesapeake Bay ends. I’m laughing right now looking at this map again. The panhandle that links western Maryland  to the rest of it is literally only a mile wide. It’s so fat in this picture. Also why is Baltimore almost inside of Pennsylvania?

Great Moments in Geographic Illiteracy, Part 5

MSNBCgeoErrorsPAandNY0813MSNBC egregiously mislabels cities in Pennsylvania and New York.  Full Story.


Great Moments in Geographic Illiteracy, Part 4

Bullfrogs in the USAWe’ll take it easy on this one since it’s from a kid’s book… but I can’t stop laughing at how poorly the Great Lakes region is depicted on this map.  Also, the fact that it looks like giant smirking frogs are taking over the country doesn’t hurt either.

Border Irregularities Between the United States and Canada


Awesome.  Well done, CGP Grey!  For more border anomalies, check out Part 1 of this two-part series.