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  • With the Olympics wrapping up in London last night, here’s a very cool interactive map that illustrates the medals breakdown by country.
  • By far my favorite Olympic news item of the last two weeks was the Australian newspaper that rebranded North and South Korea the “Naughty” and “Nice” Koreas, respectively.
  • The ever increasing availability of global air travel prompted researchers at MIT to study the role of U.S. airports in the spread of infectious and potentially epidemic diseases.  They rank 40 of America’s largest airports in their susceptibility at spreading an infectious disease based on factors such as traffic, connectivity, geography, and even average wait time.  You can watch a short video they produced here, and you can read more about the study, including the ranking, here.
  • In a decidedly more light-hearted use of GIS, a data scientist at Twitter used the social media platform to determine which areas of the country refer to soft drinks as “pop” and which refer to them as “soda.”  Although a glib and somewhat superfluous finding, the study is a really great example of the way social media can be used as raw data in geographic inquiry.
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  1. P says:

    Actually the “soda'” vs. “pop” distinction is a marker for dialectical variations studied by linguists. This study was a great way to view that using authentic data. I have been waiting for linguistics to discover GIS!


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