Save Starved Rock!

Starved Rock State Park is unlike any other place in the Midwest.  To those who have visited, the park is synonymous with stunning sandstone canyons and picturesque waterfalls.  Almost incongruous among the level plains of Central Illinois, it’s unique geology was carved out by glacial runoff over 14,000 years ago and has seen human visitors for the last 10,ooo years.  The area also supports a wide variety of plant and animal life unique to the park’s ecology.

On January 12th 2012, the Lasalle County Board is voting on a proposal by Mississippi Sand LLC to begin mining frac sand, an ingredient in oil and natural gas extraction, from areas surrounding Starved Rock State Park.  If passed, this action has serious and myriad consequences for the park and its wildlife — pollution in all its forms will undoubtedly impact the area’s ecology, and the park’s hydrology could be altered permanently.

Mining officials estimate the mine will create roughly 40 jobs over two to three generations of workers, while the park is host to over two million visitors annually, supporting local businesses and responsible conservation practices.  Please follow this link and tell the decision makers in LaSalle County that mining action such as this is not only irresponsible but potentially disastrous.

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