Speaking of ice formations…

check out the insane noises made by this shifting ice shelf in Odessa, Ukraine


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  1. Steve Jansen says:

    Very cool sounds. I’m curious about the high pitch of much of the soundtrack. The ice noises I usually hear are more toward the deep end of the spectrum. The Skokie Lagoons in Northfield, IL emit a deep boom that one feels as much as hears as fluctuating water levels and expanding ice adjust to the changing forces. I was at the lakefront in Gillson Park, Wilmette, IL the other day walking on some pancake ice that had frozen into what seemed like a solid sheet when I heard deep groans underneath my feet. I quickly retreated to take some pictures from a distance. I didn’t record the sounds but I will post a picture with the next installment of the Lake Michigan ice formations series.

  2. Andrew Weatherhead says:

    Interesting. A deep cracking or groaning noise is what I (and, I assume, most people) would frequently associate with shifting ice. I think that’s what makes this video so weird — the utter novelty of the noises. Who would have thought ice could make sounds like that?! Do you think it has something to do with the size/thickness/amount of the accumulated ice? That ice looks pretty thoroughly frozen…


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