Meet Our Friends

The Geographic Society of Chicago works with several organizations to advance the art and science of geography, both locally and nationally.

National Geographic Society

logo_ngThe Geographic Society of Chicago partners with the National Geographic Society, sharing a mission to strengthen geography education in Americaʼs schools. In 2000, we established an endowment with NGS, which has allowed us to fund special projects, such as geography clubs for underserved populations, training programs in geospatial technology for students and teachers, and geography exhibitions at public events.

National Geographic has and continues to be a leader in promoting geography education nationally and
environmental stewardship globally. Here in Illinois, we are grateful for their continued support.

Our Network of Partners

The GSC is involved in strategic planning with other like-minded organizations in Illinois. We are building a statewide network that promotes geography and bridges geography education, professional careers in geography, field work, and geospatial technologies. The GSC’s role in the network is to excite and inform people about geography (from children to seniors) and to build demand for geography in our schools.

Our partners in the growing network, called the Illinois Geo Initiative, are:

The Illinois Geographic Alliance (IGA): The IGA is made up of hundreds of geography educators from all over the state. One of the 50+ alliances in the country founded by the National Geographic Society, the IGA provides professional development in geography for K-12 teachers.

The Illinois Geographical Society (IGS): The IGS is a body of geography professors who share scientific research and scholarship in geography across the state through meetings, field trips, and journal articles.

Illinois GIS Association (ILGISA): Made up of professionals specializing in GIS, Geographic Information Systems, ILGISA provides a forum for sharing innovations in the field of geospatial technology.

National Organizations

American Geographical Society

Association of American Geographers

National Council for Geographic Education

Society of Woman Geographers

Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)