As part of the 2017 National Initiative for Alliances, the National Geographic Society has provided the Geographic Society of Chicago two classroom sized (16′ x 20′) maps of the state of Illinois. Using the expertise of National Geographic’s Cartographic Division and research on elementary spatial thinking, these maps are an excellent way to teach students about the world and empower them to make a difference.

National Geographic and the Geographic Society of Chicago’s Giant Traveling Map will bring hands-and-feet-on geographic education to your school or educational event.

Program Details


  • Your school or organization only needs to cover the cost of shipping. We encourage schools and school districts to keep the map for 1-2 weeks to ensure multiple classrooms share in the experience.
  • Upon request, the Geographic Society of Chicago can provide training to teachers or can provide an educator to conduct the lessons at your school (for a fee).


How to Get Started

To borrow the Illinois Giant State Traveling Map:

  1. Complete the Map Request form below. The Geographic Society of Chicago will contact you and arrange for the date(s) for which the map will be available to your school or organization.
  2. Once your Map Request has been accepted by the GSC, you must complete the User Agreement form here to finalize the details.

Copies of the Information and Rules for Use Guide and the User Agreement are also available in PDF form here.

Have questions? Contact the GSC at (773) 529-1212.

Giant Ilinois State Traveling Map Request Form

Contact Information

Are you renting the Giant State Traveling Map for an event?


The map will be delivered on or before the Friday immediately preceding the Monday borrow start date. It will be picked up on the Monday following the conclusion of the borrowing period. In instances where the map must be shipped back to the GSC, you must ship the map back the Monday following the borrowing period.

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